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KBC GROUP RE SA is the Luxembourg reinsurance subsidiary belonging to the KBC Group. The company specializes in protecting the group's bank and insurance entities.


KBC GROUP RE SA has an "A+" (stable outlook) Financial Strength rating with Fitch (20/03/2017) and a "A-" (stable outlook) rating with S&P (24/10/2016).

Latest communications

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Fitch revises KBC Group Re's Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) at 'A+' with a stable Outlook   20-03-2017

KBC Group RE relies on KBC Verzekeringen for its role as captive reinsurer, business position, strategic direction and asset management expertise.Any changes to its parent's ratings are likely to have a corresponding impact on KBC Group Re's ratings.

Standard&Poor's confirmes KBC Group RE's A- rating   14-10-2016

The outlook on core insurance entity KBC Group RE is stable because S&P does not expect downward pressure on their core group membership, or on the unsupported GCP in the next two years.

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