KBC Group Re S.A. is the internal reinsurance subsidiary belonging to the KBC Group. The company specializes in protecting the group's bank and insurance entities.

Rating Corporate Information

KBC Group Re S.A. has an "A" (stable outlook) rating with S&P (03/08/2022).

Latest communications

Standard&Poor's confirms "A" rating with "stable" outlook for KBC Group Re

The rating has been confirmed along S&P's expectation that KBC Group will display strong and resilient earnings as it leverages its efficient bank-insurance operating model, involving the sale of insurance and asset-management products to bank customers, which should help alleviate ongoing inflationary pressures.

Standard&Poor's confirms "A" rating of KBC Group Re and changes the outlook from "negative" to "stable"

The outlook on KBC Group N.V. as a whole and on core insurance entities KBC Insurance and KBC Group Re has been lifted to stable thanks to a macroeconomic recovery and a stable risk trend in general and KBC's expected resilience in particular.